Ping Pong Tribe is a new table tennis movement based in Peckham, South East London, Zone 2.

We thought …
Let’s offer professional table tennis coaching to ALL players, no matter what skill level and age. From beginners to hobby players to semi-professionals.  From 5 to 105 years.

And why not use some of the best coaches around?

Finally, let’s offer personalised training plans for each player, just like the professionals in any sport want.  And then give support to improve everyone’s game so they can accomplish their goals.


Truth 1 – It’s all between the ears.
Truth 2 – Everyone can improve.
Truth 3 – We teach, you learn.
Truth 4 – Be yourself.  No-one else is better qualified.
Truth 5 – Practise makes better (if not perfect).

  1. ‘It’s all between the ears.’

We may not like to admit it, but most of us get nervous in an important game or even when practising.  Head Coach Olav can find it nerve-wracking to warm up with his team mates before a game – he’s afraid to make too many mistakes and look bad in front of others.

Guess what …. the good news is that changing your attitude, overcoming nervousness and conquering your fear can be a fun experience.  Even better, when you start doing so you will perform better in matches and probably enjoy the whole table tennis experience more than ever.

  1. ‘Everyone can improve.’ 

Table tennis is not rocket science or brain surgery – everyone can learn and improve, no matter your age, skill level or self-confidence.  Yes, it is a sport that’s both fast and complex.   And yes, it can sometimes be a challenge to replace bad habits and techniques with better ones.  But with the right approach and our amazing team of coaches all things are possible.  Who knows?  You might even find it easy and a lot of fun.

  1. ‘We teach, you learn.’

We coaches do the teaching, you do the learning.  That might sound obvious, but you need to understand this.   We will do the best teaching, talking, explaining and encouraging we can, the best you can get in the table tennis world (we think!) … but at the end of the day, we can’t learn for you.  That’s your job.

Get to grips with this simple truth, and your learning curve will go into orbit.

  1. ‘Be yourself.  No-one else is better qualified.’

All we as coaches can do is make suggestions what to work on.  You choose whether to heed them or not.  It is your life, your table tennis game, your learning – you do whatever makes you most happy.  That might sound quite trivial – can you see the wisdom in it?

For example, when it comes to learning the correct technique for each shot, our coaches may well all have a slightly different opinion.  Agnes, the former junior number 1 in China, may teach the forehand topspin like this; but Kris the former Bulgarian number 1, teaches a slightly different technique.   So you think:  ‘Let’s try out both, then I’ll choose my own way: like Agnes, or like Kris, or maybe I will combine both and call it the Kragnes shot.’

What should you work on next to improve your game?  Again, our coaches might have different opinions about that.   But that’s good news!  It’s your call to decide what makes most sense and choose what you want to work on next yourself!!

  1. Practise makes better (even if not perfect).

Why is it so difficult to reach a new level of performance in your game?  That’s a question even the world number 1 asks.  Too many players get frustrated when they try to improve their table tennis skills and they just can’t learn this new shot or technique… it’s why so many give up.  The coaches at Ping Pong Tribe are committed to making practise fun, and to encouraging you to keep on keeping on.