Radoslav Kamberov (Head Coach)
Professional Player in Germany and France
Former Bulgarian Mens Singles and Doubles National Champion
Former Bulgarian National Player
World Championships Participant
Trained Teodor Alexandrov (current No 299 in the World) to become for the first time Mens National Champion of Bulgaria
Trained Viktor Yanev to become National Champion of Bulgaria, Under 16 years

Nicholas Li (Head Coach)
‘Young Coach Of The Year’ (English Table Tennis Association)
English School Champion, Team
Former National Level Junior Player in UK
Olav, Ping Pong Tribe Founder and Head Coach:
‘I have been coached by some of the best table tennis coaches in Germany and the UK but Nicholas is a class of his own and better than any other coach I have seen in the last 38 years I have been involved in table tennis. He is 20 years old – don’t ask me how he does it.’

Head of the Tribe:
Marco Vacca
Professional 5-a-side-football Coach in the highest national league in the UK
Player of Table Tennis Fight Club Team 4 and PingPong tribe team 1